Basics of pool supplies

Pools are great for family fun and entertaining guests, but maintaining and cleaning them is not so appealing. You can have the best pool cleaner in world, but without other pool supplies, your pool will quickly turn into a nightmare. Having the right pool supplies, however, can make the task a lot easier. If you are not sure if you have the right equipment to keep your pool clean and in good working order, a visit to your local pool store will let you ask for advice and purchase anything else you should have.

As a minimum, you need to have the supplies to remove all debris from your pool on a regular basis and keep your pool water clean and free of bacteria and algae. A manual brush and a pool vacuum will let you remove all leaves and other debris from the water. This is worth doing, even if your pool has an integral cleaning system. You will be able to get right into all corners of the pool and immediately see if you have missed any spots. Aim to vacuum all the walls and the floor of your pool at least once a week.

A pool sanitizer comes in stick or liquid form and is inserted into the distribution container next to the pump and filter system. This protects against bacteria, making your pool a safer, more hygienic place to be. There are several thousand types of algae that can set up home in your pool. Keep them away with an algae preventive or inhibitor, which is a liquid that is simply added to the pool water somewhere near the skimmer intake. Then let the pump system do the hard work and disperse it to all parts of the pool.

Apart from these basic pool supplies, you may need to invest in other products to keep your pool in working order. Keep an eye out for any problems that may require replacement parts. If you have an issue with your pool pump, it may be noisier than usual. Although most modern pumps come as sealed units that do not need any particular maintenance, if you have an older pump made of rubber it is susceptible to rotting. If your pump is 7 years or older, it may well be in need of repair. A new pump will benefit your pool in many ways; it will be more efficient in circulating the pool water, using less energy and consequently saving you money. Improved circulation also means improved filtration and less need for chemicals, which is always a good thing. If you have a faulty pressure gauge, the pump will be affected and filtration will be less efficient.

You will be able to buy all your pool supplies from your local pool store, but better prices are generally found on the internet. If you know exactly what you need to buy and do not require any assistance, go online to take advantage of the special offers that are often available to internet customers. Having all the necessary supplies for your pool will prevent any more serious problems developing, which could turn out to be expensive to resolve.

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