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Dolphin H50 Review – Best Robotic Pool Cleaner 2020

When it comes to robotic pool cleaners for a hotel, resort, gym or home pool. The Dolphin range of pool cleaners by Maytronics is one of the best in the business.

We recommend their Dolphin H50 industrial-grade robotic pool cleaner. The ‘industrial grade’ is a bit noteworthy.

The Dolphin H50 has much more power and provides a deeper clean than your standard home robotic pool cleaner. It features two brushes, an extra-large filter bag, and plenty of suction.

This makes the Dolphin automatic pool cleaner a great choice for hotels, sports centers, spas, and institutions that want an easy and cheaper way to keep their pools clean.

While it’s more expensive than a residential pool robot, it’s affordably priced for a commercial robot pool cleaner.

Read on for our full review of the Dolphin H50 industrial robotic pool cleaner.

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Dolphin H50

Dolphin H50

Cleaning Ability of Dolphin H50

Commercial pools can be a headache to maintain. For obvious reasons, they get dirtier than a home pool.

Businesses end up spending a lot of money on pool cleaning services and pool chemicals.

The Dolphin H50 is an entry-level robotic pool cleaner for businesses that want to save on pool maintenance without compromising pool safety and cleanliness.

Using two brushes, the Dolphin H50 scrubs off dirt, algae, and whatever other grime has accumulated on the pool surface.

It starts with the floor, goes up the walls and scrubs as high as the waterline.

The only place you’ll need to manually clean is the stairs, which most pool robots struggle to clean.

The powerful suction system vacuums up the debris through a dual-layer filtration system. This ensures that all particles, from large leaves and twigs to algae and fine sand, are trapped.

The dirt is collected in a filter bag that can easily hold a dirty pool’s worth of debris before you need to empty it.

How the Dolphin H50 Works

Dolphin H50

Dolphin H50

The Dolphin H50 works the same way as other Dolphin robot pool cleaners. The only differences are that it’s bigger, more powerful, and collects more debris.

When you put the robot in the water, it first scans the pool using Dolphin’s CleverClean technology.

This allows it to choose the best cleaning path and determine where it has and hasn’t cleaned.

This increases cleaning efficiency and ensures there are no missed spots. It also helps with obstacle avoidance, so the robot won’t get stuck in something.

Like other Dolphin robots, the H50 moves on treads. They provide better traction than wheels.

That’s why it has no trouble climbing up the walls.

The Dolphin H50 is plug and play. You only need to connect the power station to a standard outlet and press the ON button.

There’s no installation or setup involved, unlike pressure and suction cleaners.

Dolphin H50 Unique Features

1. Dual Drive for 360-degree Mobility

The dual drive motor can turn each tread independently from the other. That makes it possible for the H50 to turn within a very tight radius.

It can make a full 360-degree turn no matter where it is in the pool. This improves Mobility, ensures complete pool coverage, and helps the H50 escape obstacles.

2. Swivel Cable

A swivel ensures you don’t waste your precious time untangling a messy cable.

3. Caddy

The caddy is handy for transporting and storing the Dolphin H50.

4. Lightweight Design

The Dolphin H50 is surprisingly light for a commercial robot pool cleaner. You’ll have no problem lifting it from the pool even when it’s full of water and debris.

Dolphin H50

Dolphin H50

Dolphin H50 Important Info

If you’re are looking for a powerful and affordable robotic pool cleaner for a hotel, spa, or institutional swimming pool.

You have a pool larger than 50 feet. The Dolphin H50 is for standard in-ground pools of up to 50 feet.

If your swimming pool is longer than that, get the Dolphin H80 or H120, designed for 80-feet and 120-feet pools, respectively.


  • Deep cleans using dual brushes and powerful suction.
  • A large filter bag holds a lot of debris.
  • It uses minimal energy and reduces energy use by the pool pump.
  • Cleans the floor, wall, and waterline.
  • Easy plug and play operation – no hoses to set up.
  • Dual-level filtration captures most of the particles in the water – makes for a cleaner and healthier swimming pool.
  • Swivel cable prevents tangling.
  • Includes caddy.
  • Cleans pool in just 3 hours –minimal pool downtime for businesses.


  • No remote control.
  • The filter bag is messier and more tedious to empty and clean as compared to a filter cartridge or basket.
Dolphin H50

Dolphin H50

Dolphin H50 – Product Specifications

Weight: 22lbs

Pool type: In-ground pools of up to 50 feet

Coverage: Floor, walls and waterline

Caddy included: Yes

Weekly timer: no

Remote control: no

Cleaning cycle: 3 hours

Where to Buy Dolphin H50

The best place to buy Dolphin H50 Industrial Grade Robotic Pool Cleaner is Amazon, where you’ll find the best deal.

Dolphin H50 Review

Product Name: Dolphin H50

Product Description: Dolphin H50 Inground pool cleaner for up-to 50 feet

Brand: Maytronics

Availability: OnlineOnly

  • Deep cleans using dual brushes - 9.8/10
  • Holds a lot of debris - 9.8/10
  • Uses minimal energy - 9.7/10
  • Easy plug and play - 10/10

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