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Dolphin Neptune Plus – Best Robotic Pool Cleaner 2020

The Dolphin Neptune Plus is a clone (with a few updates) of the popular Dolphin DX4. Maytronics company sometimes re-releases the same models under different names because of exclusivity terms with retailers.

The Neptune Plus comes with DX4’s solid build quality, excellent cleaning performance, and great price.

If you are not ready to spend $1,000+ on a high-end robotic pool cleaners, the entry-level Neptune Plus does just as good a job of scrubbing and vacuuming your pool.

For a couple of hundred bucks less, the base Neptune model is also a great buy.

Because it’s based on a legacy robot pool cleaner, the Neptune Plus design is a bit outdated. It even uses bottom-load filter cartridges rather than the newer, and more convenient, top-load system.

If you’d love a modern pool robot with extra features like Bluetooth connectivity and water jet mobility, the slightly more expensive Dolphin Triton Plus is a great choice (read our Dolphin Triton Plus review).


Dolphin Neptune Plus Cleaning Ability

Dolphin Neptune Plus

Dolphin Neptune Plus

While the design may be outdated, the Neptune Plus is just as good as newer Dolphin models when it comes to cleaning performance.

Powered by a smart navigation system, it provides a complete top to bottom coverage. It scrubs and vacuums the floor, walls, and waterline.

The PVC brushes at the bottom easily tackle algae and whatever other debris has stuck on the walls and floor.

However, if you have a tiled pool, they don’t provide a thorough grout cleaning. You may need to scrub the pool occasionally to remove the worst of the grime.

The onboard pump vacuums the water at a rate of about 4,233 gallons per hour. That’s on par with some of the most expensive Dolphin Pool robots.

The high filter rate not only allows the robot to clean faster, but it also mixes up the pool water, which leaves your pool cleaner and healthier.

All the dirt is dumped into the two cartridges at the bottom of the robot. The cartridges capture everything from large leaves to fine sand and silt.

How Dolphin Neptune Plus Works

Dolphin Neptune Plus

Dolphin Neptune Plus

The Dolphin Neptune Plus is equipped with the CleverClean navigation system. It scans your pool to memorize the layout and figure out the best cleaning pattern.

The first clean may take a little longer than the standard 2.5hrs. That’s because the robot is learning your pool’s layout and size.

Subsequent cleanings will be faster and more efficient.

Like most Dolphin pool robots, the Neptune Plus moves on treads. They work great on all kinds of pool surfaces, even those with liners.

Treads provide excellent traction, reducing slippage and ensuring the robot has no trouble going over obstacles like the drain.

For enhanced mobility, the Neptune Plus has a tight 3-point turn radius. This allows it to turn easily especially when at corners or when going up the wall.

Dolphin Neptune Plus Unique Features

Dolphin Neptune Plus

Dolphin Neptune Plus


1. Weekly Timer

The control panel lets you set the robot to clean on specific days whether you are at home or not.


2. Swivel Cable

The 360-degree swivel ensures the cable keeps up with the cleaner’s movements without tangling. You don’t have to keep rescuing the robot from a tangled cord, a common and frustrating problem with non-swivel cables.


3. Caddy

At 22lbs, the Dolphin Neptune Plus is not the heaviest, but it’s not a feather-weighted either. You’ll struggle a bit to lift it from the pool and can be a pain to keep carrying to and from storage.

Fortunately, the Maytronics provides a free caddy with the Neptune Plus. Use the caddy to transport and store the robot, power unit, and cable.


4. LED Indicators

The multi-function power unit has a bank of LED lights to alert you to various diagnostic issues. One of the lights comes on when the filter cartridges fill up, making it easy to know when to empty the filters.

This Robotic Pool Cleaner Is Perfect For You If…

You are looking for a powerful in-ground robotic pool cleaner that costs less than $1,000.

Avoid Buying One If…

You are looking for a robotic pool cleaner with advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity.

Dolphin Neptune Plus

Dolphin Neptune Plus

Product Specifications

Weight: 22lbs

Pool type: In-ground pools of up to 50 feet

Coverage: Floor, walls and waterline

Cable: 60’ cable with swivel

Caddy included: Yes

Weekly timer: Yes

Remote control: No

Cleaning cycle: 2.5hrs

Filter rate: 4,233 GPH


  • Excellent cleaning performance – cleans the entire pool, top to bottom.
  • Easy to set up and maintain.
  • Includes a free caddy.
  • Weekly timer.
  • Large dual filter cartridges.
  • Full filter indicator.


  • Bottom-load filters – more tedious to access.
  • Fairly heavy – requires some elbow grease to lift out of the pool.

Where to Buy One

The best place to buy Dolphin Neptune Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is on Amazon, where you’ll often find the best deal.

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